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Chronicles of Mint: The Monogatari
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I am Taylor Swift biggest fan. But I find Jessie J cover of I Knew You Were Trouble were AWESOMEE!!!
Sorry Tay!

Amazing =)
21st-Oct-2013 07:11 pm - Long Overhauled!
Last post is like forever ago but hey!! I am back!!! AT LEAST at this moment =)
Work is as usual. Lame and boring.
Life?? Getting interesting ^^
I'm re-watching my xxxHolic..
I am a happy kid!!
Have a happy weekdays everyone!! Be happy !! Be strong!! Be cool!!
1st-Feb-2011 11:34 pm - Good February
Long time!!!Haha. I think I haven't post anything here for few months already.Dang!Good February =). I have been busy with work lately & practically go straight to bed right after shower. I know its boring.What to do =(

Finish downloading 5 episodes of Starry☆Sky.Yeay!!CNY will be filled with anime. I haven't watch any anime for quite a long time.Will catch up with all the anime pretty soon.Ganbaru!!

Had brief chat with BFF Yatie on FB chat. Long time didnt catch up with each other and we chat using Sarawakian dialect. haha. Its funny cause I haven't been using it since we finished univ. But its seriously fun. Kelak mun kamek chat ngan kitak tek harus klaka Sarawak!! Iboh speaking omputih ya~ haha. I miss Yatie. It' not that I haven't make any friends in the office but sometimes I really feel like I need to talk to her about everything!! A girl really need her best friend at the best of time. And since I miss her and we are really into Gossip Girl when we were in university (we're into GG so bad that we have nicknamed each other B & S,not for Serena & Blair but something else!!keke), I will post this pictures of the real B&S, tribute to my B!! hehe.

Goodnight minna (~.~)

P/s: Even though I'm S, I am far more shorter then B in real life. That's all.Thanks.
17th-Nov-2010 10:10 pm - Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!!
For all Muslim I wish you

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!!
May this raya bring you all the happiness in the world.

I still got to go to work tomorrow.Only 1 day holiday for me (T.T). So sad.

I took this photo from my good friend,Diana Naubi's blog. Hehe. Hope you dont mind it dear. Its a photo from my graduation day with Yana & Hotimah. Have a good day everyone (^.^)

6th-Sep-2010 12:04 am - Random Updates =)
Just come back from watching Phua Chu kang The Movie with Hana. Haha.Its so funny. Tomorrow got to go to work (~.~). Tons of works waiting for me there!!!

Finished watching Kuroshitsuji II Ep 10. Arghh!!! I think that I have a love-hate relationship towards Claude!! Haha. The ending was abit confusing for me. Is Alois resides inside Ciel's body or what?? And Sebby was really mad!!!Love it (^.^). He obviously love his bocchan so much that brings out the demon in him (BL fangirling mode)~~~

On Seikimatsu Occult Gakuen Ep 09, Maya and her friend met a small girl ghost spirit name Akari-chan during the occult class. Sabishi konoko-chan datte. She was left dead on winter day in front of her house waiting for her father. So sad!! The episode will continue to the next. Can't wait to see it.

I got a day off on Thursday before raya and senpai is coming back to the office!!!Waaa..can't play with his internet anymore (T__T). Gotta go to sleep now. Its gonna be a long day tomorrow.

5th-Sep-2010 11:37 am - Under Construction
The blog is currently under construction. Please bear with the layout for a while ok. Hehe =))
Matta-ne (~.~) 
18th-Aug-2010 01:26 pm - Heechul=Lady HeeHee
toda erika

Kim Heechul transform to Lady HeeHee.Awesomeness!!hahahahhaha~~

And Baby Kyu was sleeping cause he's sick.Poor baby ;(

Seriously cant wait for SS3 in Malaysia (^.^)
Came across Eunhyuk  and Leeteuk singing " It Has to Be You " by Yesung for Cinderella Stepsister OST. Hyukkie, you are so adorable!!!! But I love my Yesung oppa version more =)) Miane(~.~) Teukie Oppa, I can see you are laughing at Eunhyuk. Geee~~ Otsukaresama both of you. But somehow, I cannot stop myself from laughing  (^.^)

Is Hyukkie singing this for her girlfriend?!?! Who knows~~
25th-Jul-2010 08:06 am - SJ Fanmeeting?!?!
Super Junior is confirmed to come to Malaysia on 16 October 2010. OMO!!!!! Fanmeeting or what I dunno but  will cost me money for sure. Dang! Sill haven't recover from collecting money for SS3 now gotta get ready for 16 October~~Waaaa (T_T)
24th-Jul-2010 09:13 pm - What A Day!!
Just got back from marvelous date with Hana. Awesomeness overloads!! Its just funny to think that we talked non-stop for about one and a half hour talking as if we haven't seen each other for a year when its just 3 weeks!!Haha. I just love it!!! I really wanna go to Hana's convocation. Maybe will talk to Asam about it and plan something nice for her.MAYBE!!

I am now waiting for Kuroshitsuji II Ep04. It may takes forever since my broadband is freaking slow and very sentimental. Last episode see the glimpse of Claude at the end of the episode. Hope he'll come out this time. Got me all confused with Ciel and Sebastian in last 2 episodes and my head is filled with question marks on what the hell is happening.

Tomorrow probably I am going out to see movie with Hana again. Still not deciding on what movie we're gonna watch.Maybe Despicable Me or The Sorcerer's Apprentice. We'll see about that later(>.<)

Not to late to congratulate Miss A for winning this week MuBank!! I love your song.You deserve it (^0^).  Yesung oppa,you're looking dashing in pink~~Love it!! And Shindong is being funny by imitating Miss A's dance when they announce the winner. So cute Shindong oppa!! You're imitating every winner dance since you didn't win eh??And he's imitating Taeyang's last week with I Need A Girl!! So funny~~

Gotta go shower now. I stink. I admit.

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